Ride along to save the World…

The Global Ride to Rio is a campaign for global sustainable development – which you can support already by doing yourself some good: cycling


…and help us make a big impact at the Earth Summit in Rio.


We need you – now…

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To help our campaign you can

On this website you will find out

  • Why the bicycle is the perfect vehicle for sustainable development
  • How we will get the attention of the heads of state and other decision-makers, and demand their commitment
  • Where on this planet you will find like-minded people and how they are taking part
  • What you yourself can do to make the world a more livable place, and what’s in for you

Read more about the project Global Ride to Rio, about its vision and mission as well as  the action team behind the project and learn how you can participate. Take a look at our timeline & action plan and become a sponsor or promoter by joining our sustainability campaign Global Ride to Rio.