The Campaign – at a glance

Creating Effect Towards Sustainability – Join In!

A Campaign at a Glance! To truly arrive at a much more sustainable development is not a task of tomorrow; rather of yesterday. At least today we have no choice but to act, instantly, if we do not want to compromise on our ability to enjoy life already in the quite near future. In the following a campaign is described that is practicable, pragmatic, and positive: We all can join in, and we all will benefit!

Save our Future: Cycle! This is the message we need to convey to the World. Cycling, and fostering cycling, are concrete, feasible and extremely efficient ways so support sustainable development, with a wide range of positive effects:  Cycling improves our environment and health, provides access to mobility to almost everybody, and fosters global balance and regional economies. It is cheap, safe, resource-efficient, and integrates well with other “green” means of transport. It caters to a diversity of mobility needs and is viable in countries in all stages of development.

30/30! Our goal therefore is that by 2030 30 Percent of all traffic kilometers world-wide are realized on a bicycle or by other means of active mobility (including E-bikes, walking, inline skating etc.). To achieve this goal we need to, and we can, offer access to cycling to all 7 Billion people! The reward? Gigatons less emissions; billions less cost in health care; mega more fun and quality of life. And much more…

An Opportunity to Act! To arrive at more bicycle traffic we do not only need a change of behavior of people, but also supportive infrastructure, regulations, innovations, and environment. Of course, we do want everybody to cycle wherever she or he thinks there might be a slightest chance that this is feasible. But, more importantly, we need, and hence we ask all institutions to become active! Don´t talk, act! Governments can become credible, and industry responsible, in the strive for sustainability.

The Earth Summit: Seeking Commitment! The messages above need to be brought to attention to decision makers world-wide, and there is no better occasion than the Earth Summit in Rio (June 20 – 22, The campaign we have been starting a year ago intends to do just that. We will create attention, and we will demand action. We will impulse people and media, both globally and in Rio itself, before, during, and after the summit. More importantly: We will demand commitment, from all stakeholders.

Join in! What you can do? Politicians can direct funds towards infrastructure, services, and innovations for bicycle mobility, dare to realize favorable legislation, fully integrate bicycle mobility in traffic planning. Industry can push and benefit from new related products and services, provide incentives and infrastructures for bicycle commuting, offer to replace company cars by company bikes. Global/Regional Bodies can put bicycle mobility on the political agenda. The Financial sector can support bicycle mobility entrepreneurs and public bike systems. Academia can advance research and education towards bicycle mobility and social change. NGOs can lobby for bicycle mobility. And Everybody can CYCLE! Sign up on the website and on Facebook; share campaign, ideas and energies with friends, with the world; initiate and advance action in their region


You are not alone: The Global Ride to Rio will reach its peak of action around the Earth Summit in Rio, with activities in many cities at the global action weekend just before the summit on June 16 and 17. In Munich the Lord Mayor will sign the communiqué in a public ceremony on stage, framed by an interactive bike symphony composed by one of the World´s best jazz pianists, Cornelius Claudio Kreusch. Already, unique activities are planned in cities on all continents, of all sizes, from Tokyo to Oulu, from Kapstadt to Annecy, to create a synergetic World message that will resound from all directions of the globe towards Rio. Follow up activities include presentations at  the Velo City conference in Vancouver, at ispo Bike in Munich, at a specially dedicated conference in Evian, at the SusCon in Bonn, with many further presentations being planned.

Team: The Global Ride to Rio is an initiative masterminded by Innovationsmanufaktur, a German innovation company, with strong support by the European Cyclists´ Federation, ispo Bike, the City of Munich, AZIMUT, Music Just Music, and forum CSR International. By today it is supported by a continuously increasing number of organizations, institutions and individuals world-wide.