Frankfurt Inside

today I am reporting from my stopover in Frankfurt, flying from Rio to the Velo City in Vancouver. Supposedly I am in Vancouver already, even though with all these changes in times and places I feel a little out of time and space.

Why do I report from a stopover at all? Well, good old Alfred Fuhr from the communication agency Fuhrwerk in Frankfurrt has been organizing a reception, an encounter of some delightful people, just after my arrival in Hessen. I did my best to screw this up by arriving almost two hours late, but to no avail: I had some great discussions about Rio and its implications, and what should be done next, especially with Mr. Schultheis, communicaiton director from the Frankfurt HOLM (House of Logistics and Mobility), and Mr. Riegelsberger, UN Habitat Youth envoy – I was extremely happy that he came to the airport just for this purpose.

Well, discussion is maybe an exaggeration, as I felt I talked most of the time, nevertheless there was a great feeling of sympathy and compatible thinking and feeling… Looking at the bad press the Rio summit received in Germany we all thought that the success of a summit is to a great degree what you make out of it, not how eloquently you critizise it – besides all things that can definitely be improved. You see, I am getting again back to the impact network…

Two things struck my mind in particular. One was the great potential HOLM does offer for future collaborative projects, from the interdisciplinary and inter-institutional approach up to the openness and willingness to embark on new approaches and ventures as well, and not remain stuck into repeating what is always being done. I am sure you will read or hear more of that before too long. And second are the very promising perspectives to use the World Urban Forum at the beginning of September and accompanying events to promote and put forward “our” message, allowing for some creative approaches as well. Especially delightful could be the interlinking of what we do with the messengers of truth, artists for sustainability, that Mr. Riegelberger proposed. I am much looking forward to realizing as much of this as we can possibly masster.

So much for today. I am trying to put mind and body together soon, and later today report on the Global Ride here in Vancouver… Keep you updated.

All the best!

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