Rio, 19.06.2012

456972_436151903083883_222624989_o Here is a picture of Fozzy at the B4E Summit in Rio !







Rio, 18.06.2012

As Fozzy is currently in Brazil we’ll keep you up-to-date on his latest news, presentations, meetings, etc. Yesterday, Fozzy presented the project during the B4E @Rio +20 by showing some pictures of the campaign. Although he couldn’t present his words in person, it was still very effective.
We wish him luck in Rio!


Rio, 18.06.2012

Fozzy’s news : “Wow… we now also got the endorsement of UN Habitat, check out the new testimonial on the website. Truly a global scale of impact. Thanks, Mr. Riegelsberger… I am impressed, and looking forward to further joint activities along our common lines…”


Munich, 16.06.2012

image001 What a splendid day! The first 36km of Fozzys ride to Rio – a fantastic ride along the banks of the Isar river… boa viagem, amigo!