Rio Inside, No. 1

Yesterday was a great day in Munich, with a truly unique hymne and a great ride to the airport in a small bike convoy. There should be some pictures, hopefully also sound, online soon.

Now I am in Rio, tired but happy, and I will report every once and a while about what will happen to this blog. So far, anyway, not much has happened: unexpectedly many attempts to cheat me at the airport, which always puts me off (seems I never get used to that…), and witnessing the omnipresence of the Rio plus 20 summit, starting with a special welcome line at passport control, and a computer with supposedly all information about the summit at the baggage pickup – which, however, did not work. As I had almosst expected, I did not find a bike at the airport, but likely the bus was a better choice, anyway. Now I sit in front of an ice age computer with a very blurr monitor in my hotel waiting for a room to get free. Then I will refreh, get myself a bike someplace (supposedly there are rentals nearby, because the public system is not really workable for tourists), and rock the B4E @ Rioplus20 conference.

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