What are your benefits?

  • underline your own CSR commitment within your institution and to the outside, and highlight your institution as socially aware and responsible
  • profit from worldwide visibility through global media coverage (print media, radio, TV, internet…). Already, the campaign is being featured in various newsletters like ISPO, ECF, and others with an overall distribution of more than 100.000 recipients
  • connect with and be part of a powerful international action team (core actors from all five continents)
  • enhance sustainable business in the area of bicycle, service and infrastructure development
  • position yourself as forerunner of innovative sustainable approaches
  • integrate this project into your own communication/marketing
  • capitalize on the delivery of the Communiqué to decision makers and the public in Rio during the Rio+20 Summit
  • contribute to your own and to our planet’s well-being

What do we do with your money?

  • support initiatives on the worldwide Action weekend with material, gadgets, compensation of unavoidable costs
  • improve/broaden our public relations initiative (website, press releases, flyer…)
  • support the trip to the Earth Summit in Rio and related activities there
  • launch follow-up activities
  • initiate and carry out talks with decision-makers