Here we are listing opportunities for activities and commitment for different stakeholder groups. Check it out, help us complement it, and, above all, commit! Political actors Supporting intermodal mobility Supporting/funding innovations towards bicycle mobility Integrate bicycle mobility in traffic planning … Continue reading

A World of action

On this map you can find out what is happening where and when: Global Impact Tour: Find out about upcoming as well as already successfully realized events (green color) Global Action Weekend: All the information you need to be part … Continue reading

Cycling for Sustainability

The Global Ride to Rio: Pioneering Initiative to Contribute to Worldwide Sustainable Development Learn more about: Communiqué: What we want the world to sign Effect: How bicycle mobility contributes to sustainable development Recommendations: What can be done to foster bicycle mobility … Continue reading

About Us: The Action Team

The Global Ride to Rio was initiated by the Innovationsmanufaktur with the support of the key action team: the European Cyclists’ Federation, ISPO BIKE, AZIMUT, MUSICJUSTMUSIC, Innovatop e.V. and forum CSR International. By today we are working with an increasing … Continue reading

Action: Aims & Objectives

Bring the message to the world: Fostering bicycle traffic is fostering sustainable development! An Opportunity to Act! More bicycle traffic needs not only a change of behavior of people, but also favorable infrastructure, regulations, innovations, and environment. Here we ask all … Continue reading