A World of action

On this map you can find out what is happening where and when: Global Impact Tour: Find out about upcoming as well as already successfully realized events (green color) Global Action Weekend: All the information you need to be part … Continue reading

The Communiqué

Save our Future: Cycle! A Communiqué Presenting Opportunities, Demanding Action and Seeking Commitment from all Stakeholders, to be Exhibited Running up to the Earth Summit Rio+20 and Beyond… Mission Good for You, Good for the Planet: The Basic Reasoning  On … Continue reading

Vision & Background

Thoughts became ideas, ideas became words, words became plans of action – the initiative of the Global Ride to Rio was born! What is the Global Ride to Rio? The Global Ride to Rio is a global initiative to advocate … Continue reading

Action: Aims & Objectives

Bring the message to the world: Fostering bicycle traffic is fostering sustainable development! An Opportunity to Act! More bicycle traffic needs not only a change of behavior of people, but also favorable infrastructure, regulations, innovations, and environment. Here we ask all … Continue reading