The Campaign – at a glance

Creating Effect Towards Sustainability – Join In! A Campaign at a Glance! To truly arrive at a much more sustainable development is not a task of tomorrow; rather of yesterday. At least today we have no choice but to act, … Continue reading

Encourage innovations

Generating innovation to realize new potentials in bicycle mobility Expanding on the general call to provide for funds, competences, economic opportunities, and spaces for innovation in bicycle mobility, in the following we will specify what emphases will make most sense, … Continue reading

Push initiatives

Pushing meaningful initiatives and measures to foster bicycle mobility Of course, increasing awareness of its benefits already is a most important measure to foster bicycle mobility. In addition to that, initiatives can be distinguished into activities to directly change attitudes … Continue reading

Raise awareness

Raising awareness and support of the positive effects of bicycle-oriented mobility and economy policies The main benefits of bicycle traffic today have been listed above, already; more will be generated by innovations addressed in later paragraphs. However, all of these … Continue reading


To foster bicycle mobility we have identified three areas in which we suggest action and seek commitment: Raise awareness Push initiatives Encourage innovations Please check and help us complement and improve the recommendations by using the commentary function.

Cycling for Sustainability

The Global Ride to Rio: Pioneering Initiative to Contribute to Worldwide Sustainable Development Learn more about: Communiqué: What we want the world to sign Effect: How bicycle mobility contributes to sustainable development Recommendations: What can be done to foster bicycle mobility … Continue reading