Action: Aims & Objectives

Bring the message to the world: Fostering bicycle traffic is fostering sustainable development!

An Opportunity to Act! More bicycle traffic needs not only a change of behavior of people, but also favorable infrastructure, regulations, innovations, and environment. Here we ask all institutions to become active! Governments can become credible, and industry responsible, in the strive for sustainability, by committing to a noticeable and adapted support of bicycle traffic.

The objective of the Global Ride to Rio initiative is to propose tangible action towards global sustainable development, to maximize public involvement and media awareness, and to seek commitment at and around the Earth Summit in Rio.

The main message is that fostering bicycle use worldwide is an easy yet core element with a wide range of positive effects in all dimensions of sustainability.


Map Sailing Biking

Aims and Objectives

  • Maximize visibility, participation and impact of the communiqué 
  • Raise awareness to the concerns, action items and innovation potentials of cycling for sustainability
  • Motivate action and commitment
  • Set an example and establish an international action team
  • Push meaningful initiatives to advance bicycle mobility
  • Encourage innovations to unveil new potential for active mobility