Here we are listing opportunities for activities and commitment for different stakeholder groups. Check it out, help us complement it, and, above all, commit!

Political actors

  • Supporting intermodal mobility
  • Supporting/funding innovations towards bicycle mobility
  • Integrate bicycle mobility in traffic planning
  • Establish rules/incentives to foster bicycle traffic (e.g. taxes, commuter tax benefits, company vehicle)
  • Adapt rules to provide parking space
  • Development aid to bicycle mobility
  • Creation of public bike systems, public bike parking

Global/regional bodies

  • Communal housing associations should ban privileges for car parking spaces
  • UN: put bicycle mobility on the political agenda (also to combat poverty and foster social includes)
  • UN/ASEAN: pushing and supporting regional bicycle lobbies

Industry (manufacturing, service, infrastructure, logistics)

  • Incentives for those not needing/wanting company car (for employees)
  • Incentives for those commuting by bicycles
  • Creating infrastructure for bicycle commuters
  • Car industry: supporting interfaces to bicycle
  • Creation of public bike systems

Financial sector

  • Promoting bicycle mobility as CSR activity
  • Supporting bicycle mobility entrepreneurs/public bike systems
  • Incentives for bicycle use of members


  • Supporting research/activities/teaching to foster social change
  • For students, employees -> same as companies
  • Schools: training of bicycle use, fostering commuting by bicycle

NGO’s (associations, campaigns)

  • Organization of publically visible activities/tours
  • Campaigning for bicycle mobility
  • Activities towards social change “change in values”
  • Lobbying for bicycle mobility

“Everybody” → Individuals (lead user, testimonials)

  • Fostering bicycle mobility via social networks
  • Visibly ride bicycle, participate in campaigns, sell big cars → buy bicycle


To help complement the argumentations and reasoning, please mail your ideas and suggestions to Elke Jorzyk