Raise awareness

Raising awareness and support of the positive effects of bicycle-oriented mobility and economy policies

The main benefits of bicycle traffic today have been listed above, already; more will be generated by innovations addressed in later paragraphs. However, all of these will only produce effect if they are aware to all stakeholders in a way conducive to stimulate action. Therefore we propose:

  • to create a “bicycle lobby” under a suitable UN umbrella. This should also include protagonists from different industrial and cultural backgrounds, to provide for culture and development specific adaptations.
  • to organize a continuous bicycle promotion tour, carrying events and discussions to all places around the globe. This should also highlight the regional and economic entrepreneurial potential of bicycle mobility.
  • to install bicycle mobility competence centers, both real and virtual, in prominent places that may be accessed by those seeking help in the development and realization of bicycle- related policies and businesses.
  • to support Velo-City conferences and related networking activities through funding sources dedicated to globally sustainable development.
  • to foster a grass-root approach in the lobbying for bicycle mobility, especially using social networks.
  • to expand on these activities to also include other forms of active mobility, a term coined for all those forms of mobility that need physical activity for spatial advancement.
To help complement the argumentations and reasoning, please mail your ideas and suggestions to Elke Jorzyk


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