The Communiqué

Save our Future: Cycle!

A Communiqué Presenting Opportunities, Demanding Action and Seeking Commitment from all Stakeholders, to be Exhibited Running up to the Earth Summit Rio+20 and Beyond…


Good for You, Good for the Planet: The Basic Reasoning 

On the road to a sustainable future there is one supreme vehicle: The bicycle! Bicycling has a wide range of positive effects in all dimensions of sustainability, caters to a diversity of mobility needs, and is viable for countries in all stages of development.

The latitude of effects of more bicycling is truly amazing (a comprehensive listing has been produced by the European Cyclists’ Federation as the Charter of Seville):

  • less pollution, noise, congestion, waste of resources; no dependence on energy
  • improved health, stress-resistance, performance capacity, and work-life balance
  • added safety and quality of life in urban and rural areas, with minimum investment
  • high compatibility with public transport systems
  • more regionalized economic structures, local vehicle production and service jobs
  • more social inclusion, a fair access to mobility
  • strengthening of democracy, rebalancing of global economic development

30/30: A Mission Put into Numbers

Access to Cycling for 7 Billion People: Our goal is that by 2030 an average of 30 percent of all traffic kilometers worldwide are realized on a bicycle or by other means of active mobility (including E- bikes, walking, inline skating etc.).


Ahead to Nature: A Global Movement towards Sustainability

We urge all stakeholders to take action towards more bicycle mobility, especially governments and industry, but also other institutions and individuals worldwide. Related activities may address:

  • Awareness of the positive effects of bicycle mobility: Examples include the creation of a UN bicycle lobby, bicycle promotion tours, the set-up of sustainable mobility centers, etc.
  • Initiatives and measures to foster bicycle mobility: Examples include cycling-friendly legislation, infrastructure, urban planning and intermodality; the support of related services, tourism, industry, innovation and R&D efforts; finally also localized campaigning to build up a lifestyle around bicycle traffic.
  • Innovations to expand on potentials and attractiveness of bicycle mobility: Examples range from efficient electric support drives and solutions to enhance safety, comfort orientation, climate resistance, and protection, over new logistics, sharing, and maintenance systems and infrastructure up to regionalized concepts for vehicles, accessories, production, education, distribution, services, and policies.

The Future Needs You: A Call for Commitment and Active Dedication

To realize the great potentials of bicycle mobility we need deeds, your deeds. Some examples of what we urge you to do:

  • Politicians: Direct funds towards infrastructure, services, and innovations for bicycle mobility, dare to realize favorable legislation, fully integrate bicycle mobility in traffic planning
  • Industry: Push and benefit from new related products and services, provide incentives and infrastructures for bicycle commuting, offer to replace company cars by company bikes
  • Global/regional bodies: Put bicycle mobility on the political agenda
  • Financial sector: Support bicycle mobility entrepreneurs and public bike systems
  • Academia: Advance research and education towards bicycle mobility and social change
  • NGOs: Lobby for bicycle mobility
  • Everybody: CYCLE! Sign up on the homepage and on Facebook; share campaign, ideas and energies with your friends, with the world; initiate and advance action in your region


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