Vision & Background

Thoughts became ideas, ideas became words, words became plans of action – the initiative of the Global Ride to Rio was born!

What is the Global Ride to Rio?


The Global Ride to Rio is a global initiative to advocate the importance and the contribution of cycling for sustainable development. The core idea behind it is to deliver a communiqué titled “Save our Future: Cycle!” to the Earth Summit Rio+20 on 20-22 of June 2012 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This communiqué sums up the concern, the action items and innovation potentials regarding cycling for sustainability underlining that fostering bicycle traffic means fostering sustainable development.


Within the framework of the ISPO Innovation Forum 2011 at the ISPO BIKE Munich, the idea and the specifics of a communiqué to be delivered at the Earth Summit Rio+20 were discussed and substanciated. From thereon partners, promoters and supporters were included to make the communiqué “Save Our Future: Cycle” as concise, effective and meaningful as possible.

The only adequate way to accompany such an important and far reaching message to the Earth Summit Rio+20? A Global Bike Initative, of course!

Good for You, Good for the Planet: The Basic Reasoning

The latitude of effects of more cycling is truly amazing:

  • less pollution, noise, congestion, waste of resources; no dependence on energy
  • improved health, stress-resistance, performance capacity, and work-life balance
  • added safety and quality of life in urban and rural areas, with minimum investment
  • high compatibility with public transport systems
  • more regionalized economic structures, local vehicle production and service jobs
  • more social inclusion, a fair access to mobility
  • strengthening of democracy, rebalancing of global economic development